I am very grateful to have found Dr. Dagstani’s expertise with Female Hormones.  Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is very new to me; however these last 5 months with the pellets have saved my life.   My husband of over 40 years passed away recently and my depression was awful.  Now that my thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone are at levels in my youth I feel like living again.  I have more energy, my skin is no longer dry and my smile is big.  I sleep better and have lost some weight.  My coping skills have been enhanced and I’m functioning better.   I’m interested in people again and even feel like dating, the right man of course.  You make it so easy with just a series of blood tests and the pellet is painless!

Judy B

Hormone pellets are a life saver!  Before getting pellets, I suffered from fatigue, lack of mental focus, and poor muscle tone (no matter how hard I worked out at the gym, I was still flabby!).  Within a few weeks of getting my first pellets, all of my symptoms dissipated.  No longer do I struggle to make it through the day with eight hours of sleep; now I feel energetic with only six to seven hours of sleep!  No longer do I struggle to remember the basics; now I can juggle multiple mental tasks at the same time!  No longer do I feel like I am fighting a losing battle with my body at the gym; now I enjoy the rewards of my efforts!  I couldn’t do without my pellets!

Danielle M.

I have been using bio-identical hormone pellets for 5 years.  I had severe menopause symptoms that were continually getting worse. I had tried so many different types of hormone replacement therapies and nothing worked, until I found out about the bio-identical hormone pellets.  Within a week, I could already see and feel the difference. It relieved every symptom that I had and has continued to give me total relief for 5 years.  It changed my life, for the better, in so many different ways. My sisters, mother, and cousins were so impressed by the change they saw in me, and now they all use these pellets and feel the difference in their lives.


Previously I’ve used creams (messy and always guessing where I rubbed it last) and patches (would rub off from clothes/beds) – but even then, my emotions were raw and tears would fall…..until receiving bio-identical pellets.  The difference was unbelievable!  It didn’t matter how far I had to travel to receive the pellets: hours away to Scottsdale, Chandler, Cottonwood……but, now to be able to drive practically next door to Dr Dagstani’s office in Payson is truly a treat!

Kathy Brunson