How to use our supplement virtual dispensary

1. Click on the elink above

2. Enter “bhrt01” as the “patient access code”

3. If it is your first time using the dispensary, choose the “new user option” and create an account with your personal information, shipping address, etc.

4. If you are returning to the dispensary, login with the account information you created on your first visit

5. Once logged in, you will be on our “virtual dispensary” page (which will be highlighted on the left menu). On this page we have listed all the supplements which we commonly give clients, so if you are reordering you should be able to find the supplements you need here (note the supplements are sorted alphabetically by name, which can be browsed from the menu at top.

6. If the product you are reordering is not in the list, search for it by name using the search box in the upper right corner.

7. If you would like to browse additional products to purchase on Emerson’s website, you can use the search tools and browsing categories at the top of the website. Emerson carries a wide range of supplements, including some natural bath and beauty products as well as nutritional food supplements like greens powders and healthy energy bars, etc. Feel free to browse these additional products.

8. Add supplements to your shopping cart and when finished click the checkout link in the upper right.

Note: Occasionally a supplement will not currently be in stock, and this will be indicated in the stock information shown for every product. Often these supplements are restocked quickly and will be sent to you once in stock, but if you want to be sure of receiving the supplement by a certain time please make sure you are ordering products that are currently in stock.