GainsWave Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

How does GainsWave Work? GainsWave therapy utilizes a technology known as shockwave therapy that helps promote healing and growth to optimize sexual performance.  This therapy sends acoustic waves into the genitals, and through mild shear stress, triggers a series of...

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Eliminating Thyroid Problems

If you have thyroid problems you may be suffering from an increase in weight and a significant loss in energy. Thyroid problems are caused by an imbalance in thyroid hormones which leads to the destruction of body tissues and an increase in fat buildup and excess...

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A Hormone Imbalance Can Drag You Down

Living with a hormone imbalance is not only unhealthy, but also debilitating. You may get worn out quickly during physical tasks and feel painful muscle soreness. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with expertise in dealing with hormone imbalances. His expert methods and...

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Using IV Vitamin Therapy

Without the right balance of vitamins in your diet you may be feeling easily fatigued and out of shape. Discover new forms of vitamin intake with IV Vitamin Therapy. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with expertise in IV Therapy who can guide you through the process...

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Night Sweats are not Necessary

  Night sweats can significantly deteriorate your overall well being as they get in the way of a good night’s rest. Are you having trouble falling asleep at night and can’t seem to shake off the heat you may be suffering from night sweats? Get some sleep with the help...

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Find your Balance with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

If you are suffering from pain, hot flashes, or persistent muscle soreness your hormones may be out of balance. Get back to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle through the process of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with expertise in hormone...

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Eliminating Body Toxins with Detox

Toxins and excess wastes accumulate in your body which can cause your mental and physiological wellbeing to deteriorate over time. Rid your body of these harmful substances through a natural detox treatment. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with expertise in detox which...

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Natural Processes For Hormone Imbalance

There are many treatments for an imbalance of the hormones in the body, a better idea to use the body’s natural processes to restore balance. This can include using things like an IV Vitamin Therapy, which puts vitamins directly into the bloodstream. The best course...

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IV Vitamin Therapy Is The Future

Try a new approach to vitamin intake with IV Vitamin Therapy. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with expertise in Vitamin Therapy which is a process that delivers vitamins in liquid form directly into your bloodstream to help your body absorb vitamins quickly. Using the...

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Overcoming Night Sweats

It is hard to get a good night’s rest when you have the night sweats. Between all of that rolling around and uncomfortable positioning you might not even get any sleep at all. Night sweats can be a symptom of hormone imbalance. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with...

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The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Discover the benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy which helps balance active hormones in the body and in doing so reduces pain and soreness. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with expertise in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy which has proven to be an effective way to...

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Getting Past Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems can occur when there are too many or too little thyroid hormones being produced. You may suffer from loss of energy, increase in weight, or even degradation of your body’s tissues. Get to the core of the problem with Dr. Dagstani who is a naturopath...

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Dealing with a Hormone Imbalance

When you have a hormone imbalance your physical well being deteriorates, activities seem to be a daunting task, and energy levels are at an all time low. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath who can help bring hormones back to a balanced and healthy state with expertise in...

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A New Beginning With Detox

As nature runs its course so does the body as it builds up toxins which are harmful to its survival. Dr. Dagstani is a naturopath with expertise on detox which drains and eliminates excess wastes, toxins, and other harmful substances from the body. Detox not only...

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IV Vitamin Therapy “Floods” The Cells With Nutrients

    IV Vitamin Therapy, Intravenous nutrient therapy (IVNT) is a method of delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other vital compounds to the body by direct infusion into the bloodstream. A small intravenous needle is temporarily placed into a vein, and the...

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